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A Team Approach to MammoSite 5-Day Targeted Radiation Therapy

Dr. Alison Laidley, breast surgeon, and Dr. Louis Munoz, radiation oncologist, talk about best practices when working together to offer patients MammoSite 5-Day Targeted Radiation Therapy.

Dr. Alison Laidley and Dr. Louis Munoz


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Patient Flow

Video Icon  Dr. Alison Laidley: Partnering with a radiation oncologist on patient selection

Video Icon  Dr. Louis Munoz: Collaborating with a breast surgeon to offer MammoSite

Video Icon  Dr. Louis Munoz: How MammoSite Therapy is delivered in my practice

Setting Up Your Program

Video Icon  Dr. Alison Laidley: Patient selection criteria and other protocols to consider

Video Icon  Dr. Louis Munoz: Deciding to offer MammoSite Thereapy

Importance of a Team Approach

Video Icon  Dr. Louis Munoz: An orchestrated team provides optimal patient care

Evolutions of Treatment Options

Video Icon  Dr. Louis Munoz: Targeted Radiation Treatment

Video Icon  Dr. Alison Laidley: Evolution of Treatment Options

Collaboration with Medical Oncologists

Video Icon  Dr. Alison Laidley: MammoSite and chemotherapy

MammoSite Placement

Video Icon  Dr. Alison Laidley: In office placement of the MammoSite catheter

Patient Demand

Video Icon  Dr. Louis Munoz: Patients are asking for MammoSite Therapy

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