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About MammoSite

MammoSite 5-Day Targeted Radiation Therapy simplifies radiation therapy

MammoSite Radiation Procedure

MammoSite 5-Day Targeted Radiation Therapy works from inside the breast, directly targeting the area where cancer is most likely to recur.3

  • Spares healthy tissue and organs from the effects of radiation
  • Allows treatment to be completed in just 5 days instead of 5-7 weeks
  • Over 50,000 women have been successfully treated with MammoSite Targeted Radiation Therapy4

Introducing MammoSite Multi-Lumen

Advanced technology from the makers of the most widely utilized and accepted method of APBI.

  • A single insertion 4 lumen balloon brachytherapy applicator
  • Will allow you to easily satisfy the current clinical recommendation that the dose to the skin and ribs be maintained to less than 125% of the prescription dose23
  • Expanding the horizon of accelerated partial breast irradiation for early stage breast cancer patients
MammoSite Multi-Lumen Device

History of Partial Breast Irradiation

Dr. Louis Munoz, radiation oncologist and past president of the American College of Radiation Oncology, talks about the history and evolution of partial breast irradiation (PBI).

 MammoSite Targeted Radiation Therapy: Oncologist Dr. Louis Munoz, MD

Video Icon  The History and Evolution of Partial Breast Irradiation

In the following video, Dr. Munoz discusses MammoSite therapy and local recurrence information.

Video Icon  MammoSite Therapy and Local Recurrence

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